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religious strife of the Wars of Religion in the kingdom of France. It offers an incredible panorama of the different architectural trends of French architecture from the xiiith to the xviith century, including the famous staircase of King Francois. During the 17th century, the Chateau was a haven for princes and princesses in exile : Marie de Médicis, Gaston d'Orléans, Marie-Casimire de Pologne. The noble city of Blois is slap bang at the centre of the Loire Valley World Heritage Site, where you can hardly walk down the street without bumping into a renaissance châteaux. 2 miller light pints and 1 tacos. A great tournament was organized at the château. Watch this YouTube gem Joni recorded several songs on August 17, 1966 for use on the TV Series Mon Pays, Mes Chansons, with David Rea on second guitar. Festivities and diplomatic encounters followed in succession in Blois : the wedding of César Borgia (1499 the reception of the Archduke Philip of Austria (1501 the wedding of the Marquis de Montferrat with Anne d'Alençon (1508 the engagement of Marguerite d'Angoulême, the sister of the.

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Blois Voice Blog, what age is it safe for children to start training with a voice teacher? If you can, catch the first show every half hour when the windows open and the heads of six dragons snake out. The Saint-Nicolas Steeples is a trail around the western part of the city surrounding what was once an old abbey. Centre-Val de Loire region 48,500 inhabitants, tourist Office 23 place du Chateau, tel.: 00 33 (0). In 1940 an air raid destroyed nearly 500 buildings; reconstruction took place between 19the result is a distinctive old quarter and new buildings that more or less fit into the cityscape. Wrnj's The Talk of the Town on December. News / Events, pattenburg House Open Mic - Thursday nights at. Please be patient while we redesign our website. A descendent of the Counts of Angoulême and the great-grandson of Louis of Orleans, François undertook the first construction campaign of his reign in Blois. The Château also became a cultural institution housing several museums. In 1550, Henri II had interior work done on the "logis neuf» (François I wing). By train, there is a good train service from Paris Gare dAusterlitz to Blois station. On October 18, 1534, the so-called «affair des placards when Protestant pamphlets against the mass were posted on the door of the king's bedchambers at the châteaux of Amboise and Blois, incited the king to repress partisans of the religious reformation. I have thoughts for you based on nearly 30 years of voice-teaching experience. Among these renowned figures are several counts of Blois who led the Crusades and the prince poet Charles d'Orléans. Markets Blois is a natural centre for the region, so it has a good range of markets. Its a handsome structure linking the two banks and was followed by quays along the riverside. The museum is devoted to Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin. This marriage allowed the king to maintain Brittany within the French orbit. Today Blois is a thriving city; the natural heart of the Loire Valley with good connections east and west. It was for this occasion that the chateau of Blois became the setting for the assassination of the Duke of Guise, ordered by the king on December 23, 1588. No Amps, Drums, or Bands., lORI blois of the Blois Vocal Studio was interviewed. Beginning with Louis XII, who was born in Blois in 1462, the chateau became the favourite residence of the kings of France for more than a century. The French Revolution did away with 15 of the churches; the Industrial Revolution brought further expansion particularly around the train station. Lori has been singing professionally since her very first gig as a teenager. When he returned to France, he began the construction of Fontainebleau and from then on preferred staying in Ile-de-France. Not long afterwards, Louis XII gave the county of Blois to their daughter Claude and betrothed her to François I, the heir apparent. The Fleur de Lys takes you on a circuit to the Puits Chatel district, full of Renaissance town houses. With the map the walks are well signposted with different bronze dials embedded in the pavements. François II spent half of his loic54 blois brief reign at the Chateau and Henri III twice summoned the Estates General of the kingdom here in an attempt to end the Wars of Religion (15). Why Visit Blois, blois, only one hour 22 minutes from Paris by train and roughly half way between. Not to mention the Château de Blois, which is directly in the centre of the city and regarded as one of the unmissable palaces in the Loire Valley. Chocolate or fruit cakes are a speciality; you can also eat them in the salon de the. After having obtained the annulment of his marriage with Jeanne de France from the pope Alexandre VI Borgia, Louis XII married Anne de Bretagne, the Duchess of Brittany and the widow of his predecessor, in Blois on March 1499.

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